CPanel File Manager: File uploads are restricted…

The new release of CPanel ( when I write this article) has an additional feature to prevent account issues caused by exceeding file system quota. Some users will get the following notifications when uploading file:

File uploads are restricted to prevent account issues caused by exceeding your file system quota.
Current available freespace: x MB
Maximum file size for upload: x MB
Required free space after upload: x MB (Default 5MB)

If you think that this notification is somewhat too obvious, you can fix this with your root WHM.

Tweak Settings

In the System section, find the following lines:
The maximum file size in MB allowed for upload through cPanel File manager. Use “unlimited” for unlimited:
>> Fill the box with size maximum in MB.

The minimum filesystem quota space in MB required after file upload through cPanel File manager (Default 5MB). This will prevent users from hitting their quota limit through File Manager file uploads:
>> Fill the box with minimum space after uploading in MB.

Shared and Reseller Hosting

If you are using shared hosting or reseller hosting that do not have WHM access or do not have Tweak Settings under your WHM, feel free to recommend this article to your hosting provider.

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