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These days you can easily find good quality open source CMS (Content Management System) scripts for your image gallery. There are so many of them which sometimes can make you a headache if you have to try each one of them.

In this article I try to provide you some advice to help you choose the best image gallery that will meet your requirements. Please remember that this article was written based on my own experienced which others might have different opinions. Don’t just take my words, do it and try yourself.

What Your Gallery’s Type

You might have heard some robust statements about the best image gallery CMS. Now I want to tell you that there is no the best Image Gallery’s ever. The best image gallery is the one that can meet your requirements and it vary upon what do you want your gallery look like.

I personally separate 3 type of what your image gallery will look like as following:

  • Website Content
  • Complex Add On
  • Simple Add On

Website Content

You are a web design artist that will provide your clients with many of your snapshot created images. The gallery will be your main page.

For this type, I recommend the CMS named Gallery2. This gallery has complete features and professional design look with so many templates. Be aware of your hosting disk space since the size for download the minimal package is about 8 to 11 MB total uncompressed files.

Some of the features are includes captcha, SEO friendly URL, user registration, user album, shopping cart, search image, slideshow, custom fields, user comments, and web cam support.

Complex Add On

You will have your own website content and need to add the image gallery as your add as important part of your website content. This type usually best used for personal or business homepage of professional photographers.

Coopermine is the right choice for this type. This stable and mature image gallery has complete features and some templates but most of their templates are based on CSS modified for colors and fonts. There’s a little difficult to modify the look of this gallery although it might possible.

Some of the features are includes arrangement of pictures in categories and albums, search feature, integration of user management with various common forums, easy install, multi-lingual, user comments, e-card, slideshow and template system.


Simple Add On

You will have your gallery as just a compliment part of your website. All you want to do is just put your image and some description of its. These are common requirements for most of personal homepage.

I found unexpectedly that Singapore is my best choice for this type. It has easy to modify codes and has enough features to publish your images online. It can store image info in a MySQL or CSV files (no database) and has multi-lingual feature.

The downside, it has not good enough documentations and you should read carefully the setup documentation to make this CMS working. You can join their forum to get help. The author of this CMS is quite active and did quick response in there.


If you are a novice user, you should avoid using a Singapore because the default and their other templates don’t have a professional design look at all. Use Coopermine instead.

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